Frequently asked questions

What is a community network?

A community network is an organized system of community-based service organizations that provide social care services, such as services for food, transportation, and housing insecurity, as well as other community-based support services (“Community-Based Organizations”). These community-based organizations work together to help collaboratively address your basic needs.


Why form a network? 

The Network enables participating Community-based organizations to work together over a shared social record to provide better, more efficient services to you. Essentially, the Network organizes the Community-based organizations around you and your needs, and provides transparency into your social history. The result?  Better information from which to make better decisions to better serve you.

What is the purpose of each network?

The purpose of the Network is to improve the quality of life the individuals in the Network’s coverage area experience through:

  • Access to software that enables efficient referrals among and between community-based organizations and others that participate in the Network

  • Coordination of referrals

  • Creation of a common Longitudinal Service Record that includes referral history, social needs, challenges, services provided, and other pertinent information to improve the quality and efficiency of services provided to you

  • Joint evaluation of Network activities for quality improvement purposes


Who participates in the network?

A list of Networks is available on the homepage. Click a Network to see the participating community-based organizations.


How do I sign up to be a member in the network?

Individuals can receive referrals through the Network by contacting any of the participating organizations in their Network's coverage area.


How does my organization become part of the network?

To become part of the Network, send us a note on the Contact Page.

Want to learn more about our community networks or have a question?

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